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Jun 19

How Do Colleges Evaluate Applications?

“The University of Pennsylvania started using a new approach to the first review of applications in 2013. It’s called the ‘committee-based’ system and it is designed to make it possible to review in a new way the massive numbers of applications that competitive colleges receive (at Penn the total is about 40,000)…. In the last …

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Jan 29

Don’t Fear General Education

“One area that seems most elusive is information about a college’s ‘core curriculum’ or general education program…. Why is information about the general education program so mysterious? Why don’t colleges devote time and energy discussing their core curriculum? I think the answer probably lies in the fact that most prospective students and their parents think …

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Oct 30

How To Make Sense of College Rankings

Frank Bruni of the New York Times writes about rankings. “Rothwell, who is now at Gallup, conceded that even the best rankings were ‘deeply flawed.’ ‘They don’t measure learning outcomes,’ he told me, ‘and it seems to me that that’s probably the chief goal of higher education: to teach people.’… ‘We should not overlook the …

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Mar 13

Hidden Gold in College Applications

Frank Bruni offers insight into the college admissions process. “There has been a crescendo lately in talk about how to conduct college admissions in a manner that brings greater socioeconomic diversity to campuses, making them richer places to learn and better engines of social mobility…. And he’s proof, Farmer said, that ‘if we’re viewing everybody …

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Nov 08

If Students Are Smart, They’ll Major in What They Love

Some students and parents believe that students must know what they want to do in life before they enter college, at the age of 17 or 18 years old. “The premise that choosing a major is choosing a career rests on the faulty notion that ‘the major’ is important for its content, and that the …

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Nov 30

How Helicopter Parents Are Ruining College Students

“The study showed that those college students with ‘helicopter parents’ had a hard time believing in their own ability to accomplish goals. They were more dependent on others, had poor coping strategies and didn’t have soft skills, like responsibility and conscientiousness throughout college, the authors found.” Read more by clicking here.    

Sep 14

College Essay Advice From Tufts Admissions -Watch the video

“It takes a lot more thought than it does writing…You’re never going to find the right word if you don’t have the right idea to begin with. “A lot more self-reflection and thinking…” is needed. Stay away from the “service and sports” essays. Watch more of this video by clicking here.

Jul 13

So What Is The Purpose Of The Standardized Test?

Are there long-term benefits of preparing for the SAT? Listen to this interesting interview with Advantage Testing Founder and President, Arun Alagappan. He discusses SAT testing on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.” Is the SAT used to assess students, to prepare them for college, or for some sort of combination? Click here to read further and …

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Jul 06

Most And Least Expensive Colleges

The U.S. Department of Education on Monday released its rankings of the most and least expensive colleges in the country. Read more by clicking here. 

Jun 30

9 Companies That Will Pay Most Of Your College Costs

Starbucks isn’t the only company to offer to pay for most, if not all, of the tuition costs to send its employees to college. Here’s a look at some other companies that offer to pay anywhere from $5,000 per year to 90% of tuition costs for their employees. Continue reading by clicking here.

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