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Jun 16

Why Your Brilliant Child Didn’t Get Into The Ivies

These new Ivy rejects are far from slackers. They’re incredible kids with impressive resumes — 2,350+ SATs, straight As in their 16 APs, debate champions, flute soloists and MVPs. Parents who have been dreaming of an Ivy education for their kids since conception are scratching their heads, trying to figure out what went wrong. So, …

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Apr 29

2012 Admissions Statistics Are Here — Waitlists Put Students in Limbo

Here is a draft of the 2012 statistics for dozens of colleges. Take a look. Nowadays waitlists are becoming the norm, but how long can one wait! Read about the way colleges manage their enrollment through these waitlists. Click here for more…  

Jan 07


EARLY ADMISSION STATISTICS IN 2012 According to the statistics, “admission to ‘top’ schools is insanely difficult, and the early decision ‘edge’ is eroding.”  Take a look at the New York Times accumulated current statistics. Early Admission Stats 2012 See more by clicking here.

Apr 08

Who gets accepted? Who gets waitlisted? What is one to do?

It is this time of year when seniors have received letters from colleges stating messages of acceptance, non-acceptance and waitlisting.  When a student is waitlisted, all is not over. There are things he or she (not the parent) can do to possibly change a wait-list decision to an acceptance.  This is a very interesting article …

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