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May 10

Everyone Should Flunch! Duke Has The Right Idea!

Everyone Should Flunch At College! Duke Has The Right Idea! See what students are doing at Duke. It is an excellent way to network and to learn about many things, including your career choices and overall advice from professors.It’s all about networking and leveraging your resources which should begin as early as high school. Click …

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Jan 12

What You Need To Know About Demonstrated Interest

“Some high school counselors are worried about another college admissions hurdle students have to clear: repeatedly showing interest in certain colleges, even though they have already applied.” Read more by clicking here.

Aug 17

The Google Guide To Getting The Most Out Of College

It’s ok to get average grades, just study something hard Not everyone needs to be a world-class coder, but know your way around a computer The liberal arts aren’t dead, they just need a partner Click here to read more.

Mar 23

Inside The Admissions Process…

Although this article is about the admissions process at George Washington University, it can generally apply to college admissions throughout the country. Listen to the conversation between admission officers. It can offer great insight. When I work with students, I am sure to advise them on how to maximize their options through an exceptional application. …

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Feb 09

What’s it really like to go to college in NYC?

Wonderful post on what makes college in NYC so special, from its campus and 24/7 lifestyle to NYC subways and cabs and more. Click here to read on.

Nov 03

You Won’t Believe What You Don’t Know And Need To Know About College Preparation

Mark Your Calendar! Dr. Rachelle Wolosoff Invites You to a Free Seminar Making the Right Choice in Choosing a College, Helping Students Maximize their Chances in this Competitive Environment! HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS AND PARENTS   Prepare to learn more than you could imagine! Date/Time:  November 26,2013 at 7pm  Location:  Suffolk Y JCC  74 Hauppauge Road  …

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Oct 20

How can students get ready for college if their high school counselors aren’t college ready?

Families assume counselors are trained to help students make postsecondary plans based on individual goals, skills, interests and needs, but when it comes to college, that’s rarely the case. The American School Counselor Association lists 466 colleges and universities that offer counselor education programs, but the National Association for College Admission Counseling lists only 31 …

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Aug 18

Choose Your Professors Wisely

 The quality of professors is essential to a student’s future!  Take introductory courses with engaging professors!This applies to high school students too.  “Faculty determine students’ taste for academic fields by acting as gatekeepers, either by welcoming them into an area of knowledge, encouraging and inspiring them to explore it, or by raising the costs of …

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Jul 08

You Must Take Notes Most of the Time

You heard me right! I work with many students and those who take notes turn out to be the most effective and therefore, successful. It’s a simple concept. By writing, we learn, we understand, and we remember. Although, one could argue that not everyone learns the same way, I would agree; however, for most people, …

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Apr 07

Don’t Pick a College Based on Hype

Here are some unique and very helpful points in deciding which college and how to explore while on a college visit. Handle the campus tour with a grain of salt. When you’re on the tour, remember the tour leader has been coached with what to say and what not to say. What are the office …

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