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May 07

Skipping The College Tour

It’s highly recommended you read this article before you begin visiting colleges. “It’s challenging to imagine attending a college we haven’t seen yet, so visiting the campus — to take a tour, meet students, get the lay of the land — seems like a prerequisite to making a good decision. But visiting a college is …

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Apr 08

Five People Worth Talking To On Your College Visit

Don’t just sit in on the college’s presentation or just take the guided tour! “Most college visit advice focuses on the immediately practical: Ask the admission office what activities are available to you. Check to see if appointments are needed in advance. Leave plenty of time for parking. Take pictures. Take notes. And above all …

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Jan 15

Top 10 Ways To Annoy Admissions Counselors

“Ultimately, though, college admissions counselors are people. There are certain things that irritate them.” Click here to read more.

Jul 31

The Agony Of College Choice And How To Get Through It

As I work with my students through the college choice and application process, I believe this article to be very informative and helpful. “It’s hard choosing among so many colleges and universities; how can families minimize anxiety during the process?… In the process, one question often remains unasked, although it’s often evident in every other …

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May 01

Hybrid Jobs Call For Hybrid Education

Will you be ready for the new jobs that are emerging? This is important to think about as you think about college. “But in addition to such familiar jobs such as engineer, consultant, or financial analyst, we’re increasingly seeing new job titles emerge: forensic technologist, digital storyteller, and marketing automation manager…. What does this mean …

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Jun 14

Should You Apply Early?

There are pros and cons to applying early to college. There isn’t one general answer to this question for everyone. When I work with high school students, we discuss what is the best answer for the particular student. However, there are some very good reasons that should be considered. This article discusses 4 Reasons To …

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May 10

Everyone Should Flunch! Duke Has The Right Idea!

Everyone Should Flunch At College! Duke Has The Right Idea! See what students are doing at Duke. It is an excellent way to network and to learn about many things, including your career choices and overall advice from professors.It’s all about networking and leveraging your resources which should begin as early as high school. Click …

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Mar 09

Interviews For Ivy League Alums Are Failing

If you aren’t aware of this, it is still the case. The interviewers are getting frustrated as well. “Alumni interviewers like University of Pennsylvania graduate Andrew Ross say they’re getting annoyed that fewer of the students they endorse win acceptance. Some are ignoring calls to do more and others are quitting the volunteer job altogether. …

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Mar 01

Using Twitter To See Which College Is Right

“Social media has changed the way high school seniors are approaching the college application process. It has, at the same time, influenced the way that college admissions offices are recruiting and potentially selecting the best and the brightest students.” Read more by clicking here.

Jan 25

Find Out What College Admissions Officers Wrote About You

“A group of Stanford students have discovered a way to access their own confidential admissions files — including comments by admissions officers, criticisms of their applications, and information about how their status as minorities, athletes, or legacies affected their applications.” Read more by clicking here.

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