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Mar 23

Inside The Admissions Process…

Although this article is about the admissions process at George Washington University, it can generally apply to college admissions throughout the country. Listen to the conversation between admission officers. It can offer great insight. When I work with students, I am sure to advise them on how to maximize their options through an exceptional application. …

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Mar 08

The NEW SAT Is Coming And It Looks More Like The ACT

Here are the highlights of the new SAT: ·         The content will be more closely aligned with the high school common core curriculum. ·         The essay section will be optional. ·         The essay section will be “analytical, evidence-based writing, an indisputably useful skill in college and career”. ·         There will no longer be a penalty …

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Feb 09

How to get recruited to play college football…

University of Maryland’s newest football signee shares his thoughts on how to make it to the highest level of college football. This is a very insightful article. Click here for more.

Feb 02

High School Grades Matter Most in College Admissions

A student’s high school record is the most important factor in college admission decisions, according to survey results released on January 30, 2014 by the National Association for College Admission Counseling. Click here for more on this topic.

Jan 05

The High School Guidance Counselor Shortage

“A public school counselor in the U.S. now has an average caseload of 471 students, according to the American School Counselor Association, or ASCA. And the situation is getting worse…. In addition to huge caseloads, budget cuts have forced to counselors to increasingly contend with duties unrelated to their traditional roles, such as monitoring the …

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Nov 17

Don’t Get Denied Because Of Your Tweets! Clean up your social media profile!

Perhaps she hadn’t realized that colleges keep track of their social media mentions…. The college ultimately denied the student admission, he said, because her academic record wasn’t competitive. But had her credentials been better, those indiscreet posts could have scuttled her chances. “We would have wondered about the judgment of someone who spends their time …

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Nov 10

The Importance of the Essays in the College Application

Are high school students more likely to be high achievers or independent thinkers? This is the question that many colleges are asking. “A small but growing number of select colleges have turned to off-kilter questions like that one, part of this year’s application to the University of Chicago, or like this one, from Brandeis University: …

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Nov 03

You Won’t Believe What You Don’t Know And Need To Know About College Preparation

Mark Your Calendar! Dr. Rachelle Wolosoff Invites You to a Free Seminar Making the Right Choice in Choosing a College, Helping Students Maximize their Chances in this Competitive Environment! HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS AND PARENTS   Prepare to learn more than you could imagine! Date/Time:  November 26,2013 at 7pm  Location:  Suffolk Y JCC  74 Hauppauge Road  …

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Aug 04

The Confessions of a College Application Reader

Get inside information on the thoughts and process of a college application reader. Who are the readers of college applications? Hear it firsthand from a reader at UC-Berkeley. Applications were given “about eight minutes of attention.” “First and foremost, the process is confusingly subjective, despite all the objective criteria I was trained to examine.” “Should …

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Jun 02

Check Out The Scoop on Choosing a Major

I help students find their passion; oftentimes, their everyday interests can lead them to discover what they might want to pursue. Does your major as an undergraduate impact admission to medical school? An article in the NY Times states, “Many readers may be surprised to learn, for instance, that humanities and social science majors are …

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