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May 18

Many Applications To Selective Colleges Get Just A Single Read

Students aiming for selective colleges will agonize for days or weeks over every little detail of their applications. But often that file will get just one read, perhaps 5 to 15 minutes, before a gatekeeper decides yes or no…. Reider said the volume of applications at many elite schools — there were about 39,000, for …

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Mar 04

Talk of a New SAT Coming!

It has long been discussed how outdated the SAT is. Many say that it does not measure college readiness and it doesn’t align with high school curricula. In addition, the ACT has become a more popular test to take. The need for critical thinking and problem solving skills is paramount. The SAT is currently disconnected …

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Feb 10

Having the Freedom To Choose as discussed by a student in India

She says, “Having the freedom to choose is what I found most exciting about attending a U.S. college.” This article from a little over a year ago deserves to be re-read. It highlights the differences of education in India and the U.S. and the difficulty international students, in general, have in deciphering the U.S. College …

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