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Jun 10

Harvard Rescinds 10 Admissions

This is one of the reasons I tell my students to clean up their social media. If you are embarrassed to show your parents your social media pages, you must clean them up! Here’s what happened to some students who were admitted to Harvard. Their offers were rescinded. “Harvard College rescinded admissions offers to at …

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Jun 28

Do colleges look at prospective students’ social media?

“Koenig, who received her master’s degree from North Central College in Naperville, Ill., conducted research on the subject, surveying 144 colleges and universities within 150 miles of Chicago, including all Big Ten universities.”  Read more by clicking here.

Mar 01

Using Twitter To See Which College Is Right

“Social media has changed the way high school seniors are approaching the college application process. It has, at the same time, influenced the way that college admissions offices are recruiting and potentially selecting the best and the brightest students.” Read more by clicking here.

Nov 10

Make Sure Your Social Media Presence Is Squeaky Clean!

Avoid College Admissions Scrutiny, High Schoolers Are Changing Their Names on Facebook “Historically, colleges nitpicked over potential applicants’ SAT or ACT, their GPA and their list of extracurricular activities. But in recent years, colleges have been sharpening their interest in applicants’ online personas, specifically their Facebook accounts. Graduating seniors are well aware of this development, …

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Nov 17

Don’t Get Denied Because Of Your Tweets! Clean up your social media profile!

Perhaps she hadn’t realized that colleges keep track of their social media mentions…. The college ultimately denied the student admission, he said, because her academic record wasn’t competitive. But had her credentials been better, those indiscreet posts could have scuttled her chances. “We would have wondered about the judgment of someone who spends their time …

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