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Oct 04

High School Students Can Use Guidance

How Applying To College Can Help Students Have A Successful Life I am often asked the following question: You work with many high school students. What are a few areas that you believe high school students can use some guidance with? I’m so happy you asked! Everyone is different but what I find quite often, …

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Jun 07

Esteemed College Alumnus Writes Letter of Recommendation

I recently presented to Penn, Wharton and Cornell alumni who wanted to learn more about the college admission, application and essay process. Many questions came up, including the following. “We know someone who is an esteemed alumnus of College ABC. He offered to write a letter of recommendation for my son. Will this help him?” …

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Jun 01

College Recommendation Letters

Getting Others to Sing Your Praises in College Application Recommendations Letters of recommendation can be the secret to your admission or denial. “Admissions officers pay a lot of attention to recommendations, particularly if you are applying to very selective colleges or your grades and test scores are less than optimal. Many letters of recommendation end …

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Mar 15

Some Recommendations On Recommendations

This is an excellent article on the importance of recommendation letters and their impact on college admissions. Click here to read more.