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Jun 02

Check Out The Scoop on Choosing a Major

I help students find their passion; oftentimes, their everyday interests can lead them to discover what they might want to pursue. Does your major as an undergraduate impact admission to medical school? An article in the NY Times states, “Many readers may be surprised to learn, for instance, that humanities and social science majors are …

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May 29

Today’s graduates will need to be flexible…

The New Case for Liberal Arts The international market is beginning to see the value of a liberal arts education and many countries including England are changing their systems to reflect the U.S. higher education system and including the liberal arts.   “Four years later I graduated with a degree in philosophy and English — …

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May 13

Is being a business major worth it?

“The biggest complaint: The undergraduate degrees focus too much on the nuts and bolts of finance and accounting and don’t develop enough critical thinking and problem-solving skills through long essays, in-class debates and other hallmarks of liberal-arts courses.” Read on by clicking here.

Mar 04

What’s Your Major Worth? The Economic Value of College Majors

What’s It Worth? The Economic Value of College Majors—Check out a major you’re interested in inside this comprehensive Georgetown University Study. “When considering the question of whether earning a college degree is worth the investment in these uncertain economic times, here is a number to keep in mind:  84 percent. On average, that is how …

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Dec 16

Which Jobs Are Disappearing? Students Beware!

As a college admission consultant and career guide, it’s important to stay on top of this list and I hope that our colleges are doing the same. Take a look.

Nov 05

Are You Working Smart? It’s a sad state of affairs in parts of Asia and some would say in America.

While we are trying to compete with education in Asia, they are trying to compete with American education. Students in South Korea say, “All we do is study, except when we sleep.” It is termed, “educational masochism”. This is discussed in a Time article entitled, “Teacher, Leave Those Kids Alone”. At all political levels, they …

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Apr 02

Get Career Goals in Gear This Summer!

The summer is an important aspect of your college application. Plan it well! The Real College Guide: Academics Get Career Goals in Gear This Summer From the Editors of The Real College Guide Summertime … it’s for relaxing by the pool, road-tripping and — if you’re lucky — making some money. But summer is also …

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Mar 22

How Silly is Vice President Biden…

Vice President Joe Biden unveiled an administration plan Tuesday to involve governors directly in efforts to boost college graduation rates while providing millions in financial incentives for colleges to do the same. And so the focus is being put on pushing students to attend college and graduate!  We are so short-sighted, aren’t we?  We need …

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Mar 21

Let the truth be known! Kids should rule the school!

Students learn best when they own their own learning. They are invested in their own education based on their needs and interests. Read about this phenomenal and fascinating independent project  that students participated in.  One student had considered dropping out of school until embarking on this project! So well said in this NY Times Opinion: …

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Mar 14

I wish all of our teachers taught like this!

If you haven’t already watched this phenomenal viral video, it’s a treat. 200 hundred years of history in 4 minutes!

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