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Mar 06

I Said We’d Never Hire A College Admissions Adviser. Then We Did.

“As I watched my friends with teenagers begin the college search process, I quietly judged those who hired a college admissions adviser. Certainly the admissions process is hard, but hiring someone to help your kid through the process? That’s something that “those” parents do, and we were not going to be those parents. Those are …

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Aug 31

How Picking A College Is Like Buying A House

There are many similarities between selecting a college and buying a house. Click here to read more in an article I authored. If you’ve ever bought a house or have thought about buying a house, you are likely to consider many factors. If you want to find a house that is truly a home, think …

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Apr 12

When It Does Matter Where You Go To College

It’s called “undermatching.” “There are all sorts of reasons why students pick less-selective colleges. They might want to stay close to home or go to the least-expensive college (this is particularly true of poorer students). Or maybe they are worried they won’t be able to keep up with their classmates. Bowen and the other researchers …

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Dec 28

Universities Are Using Statistics To See If A Student Is A Good Gamble For Them. It Is Working!

Universities are predicting the outcomes of accepting students into their universities. It is working! “Dupaul, the associate provost for enrollment management at Southern Methodist University, is one of a growing number of university administrators consulting the performance data of former students to predict the outcomes of current ones. The little-known effort is being quietly employed …

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Dec 15

Better Ways To Learn

“Does a good grade always mean a student has learned the material? And does a bad grade mean a student just needs to study more? Mr. Carey offers students old and young a new blueprint for learning based on decades of brain science, memory tests and learning studies. He upends the notion that “hitting the …

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Dec 08

The Key To Ivy League Admission…

“Ivy League admissions teams, like admissions teams at most elite colleges, share the following trait in common: an obsession with metrics in ascertaining candidate worthiness. If you come from a poor and minority home, where no one had ever achieved more than a high school diploma, there’s a positive score for that. If your insanely …

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Oct 13

Business Graduates Show Least Interest In Their Work, Poll Says

Business is the most popular course of undergraduate study at U.S. colleges and universities. It is also the one most likely to produce people bored with their jobs. Click here and here for more on this topic.

Oct 05

See Which Schools Are Launching Graduates Into Desirable Jobs

Using LinkedIn Data results in interesting findings: “More than ever, students go to college because they want to get jobs — good jobs. To that end, students and parents want to know which schools give them the best chance at getting a desirable job after graduation. This is where we can help. By analyzing employment …

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Sep 28

Are You Ready For STEM Jobs?

Science, technology, engineering and math jobs are growing, and they pay pretty well too. Here’s what you should know about these hot industries. Click here to view the video.

Jul 21

Deferred admissions at colleges across the country are growing.

This is an interesting article about a relatively new college admission strategy, deferring admission. Here are some highlights from the article. Her experience mirrors a practice that’s been growing at colleges in Maryland and across the country in recent years — offering some students admission for the spring semester and providing a bridge during the …

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