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May 06

College: A Journey or Destination?

Martha O’Connell, executive director of Colleges That Change Lives, says, “Too often the college search includes the flawed approach of using rankings that tout the statistics of the entering class, rather than focusing on what happens during the four years that students are enrolled.” See if you agree. Read more at this site:

Jan 14

How to Choose a College

This is an excellent NY Times opinion article on choosing a college. It offers lots of wisdom and information from which to learn. Here are some of the highlights: “And if she’s like most of my peers when I was her age, she’ll wind up picking one that gives her a sense of comfort, of …

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Oct 07

Are college rankings reliable?

So many people rely on college rankings but they are often not aware of the criteria used to be placed on these lists. If they knew them, they might stop relying on these lists. As the NY Post article states, “Universities cap some class sizes at 19 students to earn ‘small class’ points in the …

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Aug 19

Be Careful What You Read! MIT, Cornell and Emory…. Who’s next?

How interesting… Newsweek rated MIT as the #1 most affordable school, but now MIT and Cornell are scaling back financial aid.  Click here to read more. Additionally, Emory University misreported their admission statistics, including incorrect ranking data. Numbers and statistics play a role in determining which schools I advise my clients to apply to. However, …

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Mar 27

Is a Liberal Arts Education For You? Is it Affordable? Famous People Attending Liberal Arts Colleges

Is a Liberal Arts Education For You? Is it Affordable? Famous People Attending Liberal Arts Colleges A study has been recently released regarding a liberal arts education. In addition, affordability is addressed in this article. Click here. Continue to the bottom for some of the many famous people who attended liberal arts colleges. “Conducted by …

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Mar 04

What’s Your Major Worth? The Economic Value of College Majors

What’s It Worth? The Economic Value of College Majors—Check out a major you’re interested in inside this comprehensive Georgetown University Study. “When considering the question of whether earning a college degree is worth the investment in these uncertain economic times, here is a number to keep in mind:  84 percent. On average, that is how …

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Jan 07


EARLY ADMISSION STATISTICS IN 2012 According to the statistics, “admission to ‘top’ schools is insanely difficult, and the early decision ‘edge’ is eroding.”  Take a look at the New York Times accumulated current statistics. Early Admission Stats 2012 See more by clicking here.