May 04

Conversations With A Harvard Admissions Officer

Make sure your essays, all of them, are superb! When I work with students much of our time is spent on the genre of the college essay, brainstorming ideas, drafting and revisions. This is for good reason and this article supports this effort.

“Yes, while looking at their perfect SAT scores and looking at their straight A records and reading the list of items on their resumes – those can be impressive, ” Gandy said. “But the essay is really the one piece, along with what teachers say about a student, that can be the most compelling and most exciting. Those are the things that we usually end up sharing with the admission committee when we’re discussing, and making cases to accept applicants. The essay is usually the first thing that goes up on the screen, we say ‘Look at this kid, look at this thing he or she wrote.’ So I would hope as students are going through this process, the essay would also be what most excites them.” Continue reading by clicking here.

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