Nov 10

Make Sure Your Social Media Presence Is Squeaky Clean!

Avoid College Admissions Scrutiny, High Schoolers Are Changing Their Names on Facebook

“Historically, colleges nitpicked over potential applicants’ SAT or ACT, their GPA and their list of extracurricular activities. But in recent years, colleges have been sharpening their interest in applicants’ online personas, specifically their Facebook accounts.

Graduating seniors are well aware of this development, though. In order to avoid being caught red-cup handed (or in any other compromising pose that promises to be less than impressive to college admission boards), applicants are hiding behind shrouded, fake account names in the hopes of throwing the admissions teams off their scent. And some taken even more extreme measures, deleting their accounts entirely before college application season rolls around.”

“As it turns out, Time reports, students do have cause to worry. More than 25 percent of 350 admissions officers reported looking up applicants on Facebook or Google, according to a recent Kaplan Test Prep survey. The same applies to private scholarship organizations. Many gate keepers say that inappropriate tweets or Facebook posts could be factors in their decision of whether to let an applicant into their university or award them a scholarship….

It’s difficult to determine whose side Facebook is on, however. While some paranoid students openly accuse Facebook of being in cahoots with admissions boards, it is true that Facebook may impose consequences on those who change their Facebook names to ensure privacy. The company can ban users who adopt fake or duplicate names, and it encourages other users to report fake accounts….

…the internet is written in ink, not pencil.”

Think many times before changing your Facebook name. Do make sure your social media presence is squeaky clean! Read more by clicking here.

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