May 27

Might You Be Dyslexic?

Many students do not understand why they are having trouble understanding and difficulty focusing. Could you be dyslexic? Many famous and brilliant people have dyslexia.

This article truly highlights the dyslexic experience.

“I was asked recently to write about how to motivate a dyslexic student.  If you have been teaching dyslexic students for any amount of time you are familiar with at least a certain amount of resistance to reading, writing and spelling lessons.  This resistance can range from distractibility or lack of focus (which often results in lessons taking an extraordinary amount of time to finish), to crying or outright refusal to do coursework.

Before I can answer that question, you need to understand a bit better what it is actually like to be dyslexic.

Dyslexia is not an emotional disorder.  Kids with dyslexia are as happy as the next kid.  So why all of the fuss?”

Experience dyslexia with 4 simulations by clicking here.

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