Aug 10

Thinking Of A Liberal Arts Degree?

“Is a liberal arts degree worth it?…

Does that kind of broad-ranging, historically conscious, inquiry-based study really lead to a job? In our knowledge-based economy, the basic skill for everyone to learn is how to keep learning. Many of the good jobs of the future don’t even exist yet. In this ever-changing, global economy, a liberal arts degree prepares students for the creative thinking that leads to innovation and problem solving. It may be that employers are proving the case….

In his 2011 book, New York Times columnist Adam Bryant listed what he learned from interviewing CEOs. The qualities they look for are:

  • passionate curiosity
  • battle-hardened confidence
  • team smarts
  • a simple mind-set — meaning the ability to focus and present concisely
  • fearlessness.”
  • Read more about this interesting topic in this article in the Huffington Post, by clicking here.


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