Jan 17

Can You Trust Your PSAT Score?

Jed Applerouth of Applerouth Tutoring writes a very thoughtful analysis of your 2015 PSAT score. Interestingly, he writes, “…but the College Board has very little incentive to ‘fix’ any inflated percentiles. If students feel like they are doing better on this test than on the ACT, they may elect to take the New SAT in the spring. Of course, if and when the percentiles are eventually deflated, that could come back to bite them….

PSAT scores are meaningful for students and schools in several ways. First, the PSAT scores are used as an initial screening mechanism for the National Merit Scholarship. The cut-off scores vary by state, based on the performance of juniors at the very top of the scale. When it comes to National Merit, it’s important to understand how spots are allocated. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not a simple top 1% in a state, or top 0.5% in a state.” Continue reading by clicking here.

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