May 01

Hybrid Jobs Call For Hybrid Education

Will you be ready for the new jobs that are emerging? This is important to think about as you think about college.

“But in addition to such familiar jobs such as engineer, consultant, or financial analyst, we’re increasingly seeing new job titles emerge: forensic technologist, digital storyteller, and marketing automation manager….

What does this mean for colleges and universities? If the new jobs that are emerging are increasingly hybrid, then the programs of study may need to become hybridized as well….

In addition to confirming the well-known shortage of talent in STEM fields, they say that the employees who are in highest demand are those who can work in complex teams and think across complex systems. Employers are looking for the sort of professional who can lead a team that includes, for instance, an engineer, a coder, and a data scientist, effectively understanding all the distinct roles and coordinating across them….

Furthermore, the courses students take don’t consider these subjects in silos. Instead, they feature hands-on projects that give students the opportunity to synthesize knowledge across different fields—for instance, building ‘biomimetic’ robots that move like sea creatures, and are equipped with sensors that can measure shifts in ocean temperatures.”

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