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Dec 29

A Great Big Smile For This Accepted Student

Watch this very touching video and learn about the ClemsonLIFE program. http://www.buzzfeed.com/maycie/watch-this-young-man-with-down-syndrome-find-out-he-got-acce?bffb ClemsonLIFE is a two year program incorporating functional academics, independent living, employment,and social/leisure skills in a public university setting with the goal of producing self-sufficient young adults. Students successfully completing the two year program will receive   a certificate of postsecondary education. For select students, …

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Jan 14

How to Choose a College

This is an excellent NY Times opinion article on choosing a college. It offers lots of wisdom and information from which to learn. Here are some of the highlights: “And if she’s like most of my peers when I was her age, she’ll wind up picking one that gives her a sense of comfort, of …

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Nov 05

Are You Working Smart? It’s a sad state of affairs in parts of Asia and some would say in America.

While we are trying to compete with education in Asia, they are trying to compete with American education. Students in South Korea say, “All we do is study, except when we sleep.” It is termed, “educational masochism”. This is discussed in a Time article entitled, “Teacher, Leave Those Kids Alone”. At all political levels, they …

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Aug 14

Check out a slideshow of the 12 top paying liberal arts schools in America!

According to the salary website PayScale, these are the liberal arts schools that have students earning the most when they graduate. Select this link and check out the schools.      

Aug 08

You should start your college essays YESTERDAY!

Many students wait until the last minute to work on their college application essays.  The college essay is a very important element of the college application.  It is the part that makes the candidate become three-dimensional.  This is where college admission committees get to know the student. It is the student’s opportunity to become more …

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Aug 02

Invent Your Next Job!

Thomas Friedman, the author of The World Is Flat, explains in this wonderful article that employers are looking for those with “the critical thinking skills to do the value-adding jobs that technology can’t, but also people who can invent, adapt and reinvent their jobs every day, in a market that changes faster than ever.” He …

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Jul 25

Guidance Counselors Can’t Be As Effective As They Once Were

Unfortunately, with ever mounting budget cuts, guidance counselor to student ratios are soaring to hundreds of students per guidance counselor.  In fact, in the attached article, the author notes a school with 800 students for each counselor.  The average public school counselor in the United States has more than 400 students.  Students cannot get the …

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Jul 05

Are you a foreign student?

Are you a foreign student interested in studying in the U.S. in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and math? “Under the OPT program, foreign students who graduate from U.S. colleges and universities are able to remain in the U.S. and receive training through work experience for up to 12 months. Students who graduate with …

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Jul 05


Deciding to go to college is a dilemma for some. They include arguments of: Lots of debt, no guarantee of a good job, and simply not always needed. The evidence shows that “… college is a better investment for most graduates than in the past.” This is also true for fields that don’t typically require …

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Jun 25

Stop worrying about your SAT and ACT scores! Did you know that there are many colleges that do not require every applicant to submit an SAT or ACT score?

There are colleges that often rely more on grades and other holistic measures.  The requirements for schools vary and change from year to year. Some focus exclusively on subject area mastery.  Some deemphasize the use of standardized tests by basing their admissions decisions on grade-point average or class rank. Here are some of the “test-optional” …

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