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Aug 10

Thinking Of A Liberal Arts Degree?

“Is a liberal arts degree worth it?… Does that kind of broad-ranging, historically conscious, inquiry-based study really lead to a job? In our knowledge-based economy, the basic skill for everyone to learn is how to keep learning. Many of the good jobs of the future don’t even exist yet. In this ever-changing, global economy, a …

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Oct 13

Business Graduates Show Least Interest In Their Work, Poll Says

Business is the most popular course of undergraduate study at U.S. colleges and universities. It is also the one most likely to produce people bored with their jobs. Click here and here for more on this topic.

Oct 05

See Which Schools Are Launching Graduates Into Desirable Jobs

Using LinkedIn Data results in interesting findings: “More than ever, students go to college because they want to get jobs — good jobs. To that end, students and parents want to know which schools give them the best chance at getting a desirable job after graduation. This is where we can help. By analyzing employment …

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Jun 08

Apps to Help Students With Dysgraphia and Writing Difficulties

Technology can be a great tool for all students and adults! Learning has never been better for those with learning disabilities. Check out some of these apps here.

May 10

Do You Have Grit? A Key Factor To Students’ Success

Duckworth says her research shows grit is actually a better predictor of success than IQ or other measures when it comes to achievements as varied as graduating from West Point or winning the National Spelling Bee. Read more by clicking here.

May 04

Conversations With A Harvard Admissions Officer

Make sure your essays, all of them, are superb! When I work with students much of our time is spent on the genre of the college essay, brainstorming ideas, drafting and revisions. This is for good reason and this article supports this effort. “Yes, while looking at their perfect SAT scores and looking at their …

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Apr 08

Interested in Careers in STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering or Math? Which College Does It Better?

Take a look at this report for a comparison of small and mid-sized private colleges with large public universities in preparing graduates for STEM careers. There is also a breakdown of results by STEM field and individual college. Click here for the report.     Click here for an article on this report.

Mar 23

Inside The Admissions Process…

Although this article is about the admissions process at George Washington University, it can generally apply to college admissions throughout the country. Listen to the conversation between admission officers. It can offer great insight. When I work with students, I am sure to advise them on how to maximize their options through an exceptional application. …

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Mar 08

The NEW SAT Is Coming And It Looks More Like The ACT

Here are the highlights of the new SAT: ·         The content will be more closely aligned with the high school common core curriculum. ·         The essay section will be optional. ·         The essay section will be “analytical, evidence-based writing, an indisputably useful skill in college and career”. ·         There will no longer be a penalty …

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Feb 23

Want to Define Merit? Good Luck

On Thursday enrollment officials here discussed the term around which the admissions world revolves. How colleges assess and reward merit shapes the socioeconomic and racial diversity of students at selective colleges. But what, exactly, is merit? Should colleges redefine it? If so, how? Read more by clicking here.

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