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Dec 10

Forbes 30 under 30: Colleges they don’t talk about

It’s no surprise to find graduates of the world’s most prestigious and competitive colleges within the ranks of Forbes‘ “30 under 30”. (Forbes names 30 honorees under 30 years of age in 15 different industry categories, which really means it should be called “450 under 30,” but that’s a detail.) No surprise to find recent …

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Apr 08

35 Celebrity College Majors

The smartest celebrities are often the most successful. While many of them changed majors and/or never finished school, these stars are more well-rounded than we thought! Here are some celebrity college majors that you never would’ve guessed. Check this out here.

Mar 24

50 Celebrities Who Went To College

I guess it’s true that some have both brains and beauty. While not all of them finished, many of the celebs that we know and love attended college at some point in their careers. Is your alma mater on the list? Check out the celebrities and their colleges at: http://www.buzzfeed.com/collegesearchexpert