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Jul 31

The Agony Of College Choice And How To Get Through It

As I work with my students through the college choice and application process, I believe this article to be very informative and helpful. “It’s hard choosing among so many colleges and universities; how can families minimize anxiety during the process?… In the process, one question often remains unasked, although it’s often evident in every other …

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Feb 14

Lots More College Admissions Officers Are Checking Your Instagram and Facebook

If you are applying to college, you must read this article.  “The likelihood that college admissions officers will check out your Instagram or Facebook…”   Click here to read more.

Nov 01

Why It Makes Good Sense to Save for College Now

To save or not to save, that is the question. “…there is a persistent and mostly mistaken belief that goes something like this: If we save, the colleges will just take it. And if we don’t, we will qualify for more help…. You, however, are trying to make financial plans right now. And when your …

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Oct 11

Common Application Out?

Will the Common Application be a thing of the past?  There is a new group in town that can revolutionize the college application process and it begins in the ninth grade! “Further, the colleges and universities are creating a platform for new online portfolios for high school students. The idea is to encourage ninth graders …

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Jun 28

Do colleges look at prospective students’ social media?

“Koenig, who received her master’s degree from North Central College in Naperville, Ill., conducted research on the subject, surveying 144 colleges and universities within 150 miles of Chicago, including all Big Ten universities.”  Read more by clicking here.

Jun 14

Should You Apply Early?

There are pros and cons to applying early to college. There isn’t one general answer to this question for everyone. When I work with high school students, we discuss what is the best answer for the particular student. However, there are some very good reasons that should be considered. This article discusses 4 Reasons To …

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May 05

How Do You Begin The College Process?

Here is a Question and Answer Series that I author for Local Luxuries. This month I was asked the following question. “How do we know where to start with college applications? It’s very intimidating these days and I’m concerned because I want my son to have lots of college choices. Is there anything I can …

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Mar 01

Using Twitter To See Which College Is Right

“Social media has changed the way high school seniors are approaching the college application process. It has, at the same time, influenced the way that college admissions offices are recruiting and potentially selecting the best and the brightest students.” Read more by clicking here.

Feb 02

New SAT, New Problems

“In his speech, Coleman finally acknowledged the common criticism that the current SAT has little to do with the work students do in high school and will do in college. He promised that the redesigned test would be more in tune with what happens in the classroom. “No longer will the SAT stand apart from …

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Dec 08

The Key To Ivy League Admission…

“Ivy League admissions teams, like admissions teams at most elite colleges, share the following trait in common: an obsession with metrics in ascertaining candidate worthiness. If you come from a poor and minority home, where no one had ever achieved more than a high school diploma, there’s a positive score for that. If your insanely …

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