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Mar 01

Using Twitter To See Which College Is Right

“Social media has changed the way high school seniors are approaching the college application process. It has, at the same time, influenced the way that college admissions offices are recruiting and potentially selecting the best and the brightest students.” Read more by clicking here.

Dec 15

Better Ways To Learn

“Does a good grade always mean a student has learned the material? And does a bad grade mean a student just needs to study more? Mr. Carey offers students old and young a new blueprint for learning based on decades of brain science, memory tests and learning studies. He upends the notion that “hitting the …

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Sep 17

Colleges With The Highest-Paid Grads

From Harvey Mudd to the U.S. Naval Academy, graduates with bachelor’s degrees from these colleges and universities earn the highest salaries in the country, according to PayScale.com. Read more by clicking here.

Apr 15

But how exactly do admission counselors pick students?

Listen to how admission counselors pick students. “We don’t want a classroom of people that all look alike and all agree with each other, it’s going to be boring. You’re not going to learn from each other…. Schools are looking for different things.”  As an independent college admission consultant I assist students in highlighting themselves …

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Jun 25

Stop worrying about your SAT and ACT scores! Did you know that there are many colleges that do not require every applicant to submit an SAT or ACT score?

There are colleges that often rely more on grades and other holistic measures.  The requirements for schools vary and change from year to year. Some focus exclusively on subject area mastery.  Some deemphasize the use of standardized tests by basing their admissions decisions on grade-point average or class rank. Here are some of the “test-optional” …

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Apr 11

You’re not admitted! You’re not rejected! Go to another school and then come back!

And so you’re told you’re not admitted now but if you wait another year and attend another institution while maintaining a specific grade point average, we will take you later. This is a new strategy colleges sometimes use as part of their enrollment management. How does this impact your current college? Your friends? Take a …

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Apr 10

What do you know about attending a community college?

Think before you jump into a community college if you are going to want to transfer to a four-year college. First, pick the right community college. Ask questions, such as: What percentage of students who complete an associate’s degree transfer to a four-year university? Which universities do they transfer to and how many are there …

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