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Dec 15

Better Ways To Learn

“Does a good grade always mean a student has learned the material? And does a bad grade mean a student just needs to study more? Mr. Carey offers students old and young a new blueprint for learning based on decades of brain science, memory tests and learning studies. He upends the notion that “hitting the …

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Sep 15

U.S. News Rankings Ignore Job Prospects and more

The rankings ignore job prospects. Students today want to know what colleges and universities will provide them with a pathway to good-paying jobs. The rankings, however, don’t reward schools that graduate students who find solid employment. In fact, U.S. News doesn’t even ask about employment success. Read more by clicking here.

Jan 14

How to Choose a College

This is an excellent NY Times opinion article on choosing a college. It offers lots of wisdom and information from which to learn. Here are some of the highlights: “And if she’s like most of my peers when I was her age, she’ll wind up picking one that gives her a sense of comfort, of …

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Nov 13

How to study smart!

Many of my students tell me that they studied and didn’t do well or that they didn’t know how to study.  This Wall Street Journal article outlines some practical advice on ways to study that yield the best results. Click here for more information.

Mar 21

Let the truth be known! Kids should rule the school!

Students learn best when they own their own learning. They are invested in their own education based on their needs and interests. Read about this phenomenal and fascinating independent project  that students participated in.  One student had considered dropping out of school until embarking on this project! So well said in this NY Times Opinion: …

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