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Jul 10

Recommended College Interviews

“I noticed that a number of colleges ‘recommend’ or ‘highly recommend’ an admissions interview. My own institution uses this same phrase in our viewbook and on our website. But, I bet there are plenty of families who may not know what exactly a college really wants. So, in this case, I have to side with …

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Mar 09

Interviews For Ivy League Alums Are Failing

If you aren’t aware of this, it is still the case. The interviewers are getting frustrated as well. “Alumni interviewers like University of Pennsylvania graduate Andrew Ross say they’re getting annoyed that fewer of the students they endorse win acceptance. Some are ignoring calls to do more and others are quitting the volunteer job altogether. …

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Nov 18

Gaming for a Job: Could Video Games Replace The Job Interview?

This is incredible! No more interviews? A new way of hiring? A new way to get into college? Anything is possible. Check out this new software. You play the game and feedback is provided!  http://fusion.net/Modern_Life/video/gaming-job-interviews-234970 and  http://www.knack.it/