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Dec 17

Five Myths of a Liberal Arts Education

“Here are the five big myths surrounding liberal arts education — and why you shouldn’t believe them: Liberal arts education is only for the elite It’s prohibitively expensive to attend a liberal arts college Graduates have a staggering amount of debt This kind of education isn’t practical Liberal arts graduates are unemployable We only need …

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Nov 08

If Students Are Smart, They’ll Major in What They Love

Some students and parents believe that students must know what they want to do in life before they enter college, at the age of 17 or 18 years old. “The premise that choosing a major is choosing a career rests on the faulty notion that ‘the major’ is important for its content, and that the …

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Sep 20

I Said We’d Never Hire A College Admissions Adviser. Then We Did.

This is a very insightful NY Times article on hiring a college admissions adviser. Over the years that I have been an independent college consultant, I have heard this from many parents who had then hired me to counsel their children through the college admissions process. “In spite of our bravura, we had been in …

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Aug 10

Thinking Of A Liberal Arts Degree?

“Is a liberal arts degree worth it?… Does that kind of broad-ranging, historically conscious, inquiry-based study really lead to a job? In our knowledge-based economy, the basic skill for everyone to learn is how to keep learning. Many of the good jobs of the future don’t even exist yet. In this ever-changing, global economy, a …

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May 13

Is being a business major worth it?

“The biggest complaint: The undergraduate degrees focus too much on the nuts and bolts of finance and accounting and don’t develop enough critical thinking and problem-solving skills through long essays, in-class debates and other hallmarks of liberal-arts courses.” Read on by clicking here.